The Family Retreat for People with Disabilities and their Families took place at Baisoara, on November 9-14, 2014

Simona Sipos shares some impressions from this family retreat:

As a new member of the service network, the first trip with the people from Caritatea was an unforgettable experience.
The atmosphere, the nice weather, the view which leaves you speechless, and especially the people who took part at the retreat made the four days I spent in Baisoara to be truly memorable.
Perhaps most would think it was just a recreational camp. Well, it was in part a relaxing time, but more than that, it was a time in which I learnt valuable life lessons, I listened to profound experiences, I learned that suffering is a way to get us closer to God, a way in which He speaks.
It was a time in which I was able to talk to God in prayer, a time in which I praised Him through songs, a time in which I was enriched by people who had the gift to show Him to us through Scriptures.
It felt like being part of a family with those from Caritatea, I was welcomed with open arms and with joy. The accommodation, the food, the staff were all exceptional.
Also, the delight I read on the faces of beneficiaries surpassed any expectations. I could see their joy and gratitude for the simple fact that they could take part in the retreat, and also for the fact that they were able to be actively involved in the activities.
I thank God for the joy that He gave me by making me a part of this great team.

Simona Sipos