Does God have a plan for us?
What is God’s plan for each of us?

Women are important in the redemption plan of God.
– Who asked Jesus to make His first miracle? A woman.
– Who did Jesus Appear to for the first time after the resurrection? To a woman.
– Who was the first disciple? Tabita.
God has work to be done for each of us and the biggest grace is that we can also ask for rsalvation and everything else we need for us and our families.

“Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.” (Proverbs 14,verse1)

To build your house may be the biggest responsability that you have as a woman. Imagine how this house that you are building should look like. If you want do the project of the house that you want. After you finish the project you will realise that you decide when the building starts. What you have to realise especially is that the beauty and the stability of your house depends on the foundation and on the resistence of the precious stones in it.If the foundation is Christ(the rock) your house and my house have the chance of standing on a good foundation. Do we really think attentively with what kind of stones we build, which one of the stones is the most important one? Is it not Love? Can I do everything around the houise from morning till night with love, with kindness, with goodness? I think these are the stones that will hold my house from shaking in a way that it will be visible for those around me as well. By acting this way with the ones in my house, people will also see my goodness and kindness towards the ones from outside my house, with my neighbours, my fellow men. It is important to take in consideration that maybe my neighbours or my colleagues will never read a Bible. Then YOUR LIFE AND MY LIFE COULD BE THE ONLY BIBLE THAT SOME PEOPLE READ!

The woman has to be subjected to the man like she is to God and this is an art. Why the art of submisssion? Beacause it matters how beautifully you accept to be submitted. It really matters a lot how the possition of your heart in submission. Submission is when I accept to do what I am told from all my heart just as I would do it for God although I may not like it, most of the times Is this even possible? It is possible , but there are a few steps taht we have to do before being submitted. These steps are:

-To want in our hearts to transform our house into a piece of Heaven!

-To take the responsability to do everything we can for a house that is a piece of Heaven!

How to we get there? In the moment you can experiment a submission similar with the submission you have for God you will be surprised to see the rewards that God Himself will pour over you and your family.

Submission is an art that is blessed by God if and only if we decide to do it with love, a love that comes from God, and reminding ourselves that teh wise woman builds her house and the foolish one tears it down with her own hands. (Proverbs 14:1.)

I think another precious stone is humility! With all HUMILITY. The humble one never falls. Where could the one that stands lower that all fall? If humility raises a simple, uneducated man, than think about the big honour it would bring to an important and respected man!

If you want to acquire the true humility, accustom yourself to bravely bare the reproauches brought by others.

Many times the weeker ones are the most humble ones. The perfect humility is when we endure with love false accusations. From all the wapons that a Christian has. Only one has the power to pass over all the races of the enemyand that is humility in prayer.

God first humbles and then raises, the Devil first raises and than humbles. If I humble myself and be submitted the answer I will give will first go through sieve of God. I will not answer how I please, yelling: Ok!…Fine!..I will do this the way you want me to! On teh contrary I will answer with kindness knowing that a soft answer turns away wrath.

Let’s not forget that he who is pleased has a continual feast in his heart. Let’s give thanks to God for the husband He gave us, than we will pray that He may bless him with wisdom in everything he does and that I may be a suitable helper for him, building the wonderful house that is a piece of our Lord Jesus’ Heaven.