Joni and Friends – USA

Joni and Friends is a Christian organization in the United States that has in order to advance the service of people with disabilities in churches and communities around the world.

Our collaboration with JAF began in 1995 with the launch of the World of Wheelchairs project, which offered a wheelchair for people with disabilities. The project is still in progress. As a blessed result of our collaboration, in 2002 we jointly set up the Center for Distribution and Repair of Trucks, which has been operating so far.

Throughout the years, JAF has contributed to the work with people with disabilities in Romania in countless ways:
· Conferences on the service of people with disabilities
· Teams of volunteers and speculators who participated in annual wheelchairs
· Support in the organization of family camps
· RVE radio programs
· Meetings, conferences and materials for the preparation of people willing to serve people with special needs
· Financial support in various projects addressed to people with disabilities.

Stichting Charity – The Netherlands

The partnership with Stichting Charity started in 1995 when, together with this foundation, we launched the Speranta project, which helps families in need. With the help of the Stichting Charity Netherlands, we organized the first international camp in July 1997, in cooperation with the Junior Netherlands organization, a very successful camp with the exchange of welcome experience. During the years Stichting Charity was a generous donor of our association with the support of many projects. Many of the achievements of their sponsorship are seen and spoken of the goodness of God every day: the roof of the building, the new face of the heat-insulated building and beautiful painting, and many other blessed responses to the administrative needs of the association.