Caritatea is an extended family, where the members speak the same language, the language of suffering. Activities between people with special needs are based on one question: What good can I do here?

“Each person with disability is a gold mine placed by God in our way to the homeland where will be no mourning, tears or suffering. We are entitled to long for that place, but we have to be aware that we only have one life and with every wiped tear, every smile, every word of encouragement, every good or time given for one of the least of His brothers or sisters, we gather a treasure in heaven that no one can take away from us.”

(Ligia Seman, Caritatea 1990-2010)


  • July 20th 1990 – Caritateas establishment
  • June 1st 1993 – Caritatea Christian Center was founded (currently named Mephibosheth Christian Center)
  • October 15th 1993 – Angora Christian Farmers Association was founded
  • June 17th 1995 – first Family Retreat (for people with disabilities)
  • 1995 – we started the Hope project, in collaboration with Stichting Caritatea Netherlands, which consists in helping poor families
  • 1995 – we started our collaboration with Joni and Friends USA, on wheelchairs donation still an ongoing project
  • July 28th 1997 – first international junior camp: Junior Netherlands
  • October 1st 1998 – establishment of protected workshops s.c. Uman
  • December 2nd 1999 – A chance for the orphans project, in partnership with Heavens Hope Orphan Ministries USA, which accords financial support to foster families
  • April 28th 2000 – social canteen opening
  • July 17th 2000 – conference hall opening
  • First international forum: Methods and results in recovery of people with disabilities and in need
  • October 14th 2002 – Wheelchair Repairing Center opening, in partnership with Joni and Friends USA