The main goal of the Caritatea Association is to help people in need, especially those with disabilities, offering material, social and spiritual help.

The motivating factor is the belief that needy people and people with disabilities are just like us. Needs and handicaps, regardless of whether they are momentary or lasting, should not be a barrier to working with them, but rather to make us come to their help and support by serving them with love. Employees and volunteers of the association are people ready to sacrifice for their fellows, choosing to prove by their deeds the love of men and obedience to God.
Thus, the Caritatea Association lives and grows from one day to the next, from one year to the next. In all areas of activity, one can see and feel the presence and power of Him who foretold, created the conditions for establishment and development, prepared and worshiped ministers for mission. He chose people ready to sacrifice on all the meridians of the earth and united them under his divine authority.

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