Women meetings

On Fridays from 15-16 hours, within the charity, we want to serve the Lord and people with special needs, as women did during the time of Jesus. Luke 8: 1-3 “Soon after, Jesus walked out of the city into the city and village, and the preaching and gospel of the gospel of the kingdom of God. The twelve were with him; and there were also women who had been healed of evil spirits and diseases; Mary, Magdalena, and many others who helped him with what they had. ” ” On the first day of the week, these women, and others with them, came to the grave early in the morning and brought the spices on “If then women needed help, I think today the Lord wants us to come with our help in praying, studying the Word of God, doing good, but above all we want to be God-fearing in everything we do.

How do women work? I work with love!

I have often asked my question in loneliness and pain:

Who loves me? Who understands me? I’m sure you’re asking yourself, does anyone really love you? Does anyone understand the pain, the illness, the illness?

Yes it is someone who certainly loves us, he understands our pain and power. Do you believe that?

Let’s see: Who first received the news As Jesus Risen? Who was first shown to her? MARIA Magdalena, why? There was a great love that filled the soul and heart, which has no words to be described. But let’s not forget that she wanted the presence of Jesus. I think we have a special grace to call ourselves women, to be loved by the Lord Jesus, to have access to Him, to receive Him in our lives, and then to feel it in our hearts. The moment you know Jesus truly and you will love him.

The women who loved Jesus went after him or the apostles and served with what they could. How can we serve, where, why? What Joni says after 38 years since her accident left her without the ability to move her body alone from her neck down.

“I had to get my fingerprint last month by a notary who came to my office to legalize my signature on a few documents. I have had to deal with notaries asking me to sign in their many papers, and of course any public notary required someone to authenticate the signature (which my secretary could always do). But this time for the first time the notary brought with him ink and ink to take my fingerprint.

So after I signed the papers all of a sudden I heard him say “Okay, now I need your fingerprint.” I shrugged as the secretary took my finger to place it in the tape. And that’s where the problems started. I tried to help as much as I could, but … I want to ask you have you ever tried to take the fingerprint of a lady who has not used his fingers at all for the last 38 years? Poor notary took it with headaches trying to do this with me.

Eventually, after four or five attempts, he looked at me and nodded, “Lady, I’m sorry, but we can not fix it anyway. Your fingerprint appears on paper almost like a smooth ink stain. ”

I knew that before. I’ve been through such a thing when in a situation I had to get my fingerprint from the FBI. My secretary opened my palm trying to show him what the problem is. Because I have not used my hands very long, the skin on my fingers is very smooth, and you can hardly see any form of it. The skin of my fingers has no deformation.

I guess maybe he too went through this situation, but he said, “No, I did not,” then I tried to explain to him that those forms become more visible, deeper as the hands are used more. The hands of the bricklayers, carpenters, typists, housekeepers, workers of this kind will always be more visible.

Strange. I used to believe the opposite. It was a while in my life when I thought the hard work was the cause of the disappearance of fingerprints on the fingers of the workers. But it’s not like that. Hard work intensifies man’s imprint.

And I think it is the same with people who devote themselves entirely to the service of the Lord. We get used to thinking about people who push the accelerator pedal to the maximum in Christian life, … who serve unceasingly … that they will become very weak. They will be exhausted, we often say. They will collapse. They will give out of themselves until they have nothing to give.

Now I do not think so. Heavy jobs – when we do them through the power and Grace of the Lord – fortify our lives. We are strengthened in Christ as we serve Him, and so we do not suffer from fatigue as we often think. Can a fruit tree be destroyed under the burden of fruitfulness? Is there anyone who questions the health of a grapevine graded by quality grapes? So do not be afraid to offer yourself to the service of the Lord. If you are tempted to close yourself in the Lord’s way like the petals of the Exegas, then you will not leave a trace in your life, no one will be able to see your walk or seek the Lord by following the steps of your life. Come today to leave traces for God through the smallest thing that we will do. Joni Earecson Tada

Should we serve one? Does anyone need our ministry? ………

How should we serve? I believe that in order to serve God we must focus on others, more than just focusing on me, my home or my needs. Much of what we do, we serve ourselves. We serve to be admired, or to achieve our own purposes. Part of what we do is more manipulation than work. In fact, we think of ourselves, to what extent