Preparing parents to raise children with disabilities in the family

On the 4th of November 2018, in the evening program, at the Pentacostal Church no. 1 Carpați, Cluj-Napoca we had a service in which we began to teach from the Word of God about this subject.

  1. Two brothers with children with disabilities who also serve in the church had testimonies.
  2. Brother Ciprian Moldovan, a person with disabilities, servant and professor preached the Word of God.

Pastor Marin Pintilie, a person with a sight disability preached the Word of God.

The sermon from John 9:1-9 was very well received .

  1. The birth of children with disability
  2. Is not a punishment
  3. There is a plan of God for every person
  4. God is in control – children with disabilities benefit of the chance to salvation.
  5. God knows how to reward parents who grow children with disabilities.