Our life in the world is like the Israelites crossing the desert, to the Promised Land, to Canaan. In their journey, they came across dry lands, wildlife sites filled with cries, or dangerous places due to venomous snakes. But in this entire journey, God guided them, miraculously intervening, removing the desert heat and the dangers. Thus, He created a blessed oasis in the middle of the desert, giving them water from the rock, bread from heaven, solving the problem with venomous snakes, carrying them on wings, like the eagle does with his eaglets.

The same thing happens in our lives, every Friday, at our meetings at Caritatea, where people with visible or less visible disabilities, come together for fellowship with each other and their Creator. After a week of waiting, for those who are in a wheelchair and never go out, a week of exhaustion for those who can hardly move, a week of unrest due to gaps and shortcomings faced by people marginalized my society, Fridays meetings bring peace, comfort, hope and, the extent material and financial possibilities, solution to many of these problems.

Everything begins with praising our Creator with songs, praise that is meant to open our hearts for fellowship. Then comes the moment when each of us has the opportunity to share the problems we are dealing with, our joys or desires. This is an important moment for us. In this moment, we feel like a family, we know the others care for our problem, they even suffer along, we know we are not alone, we are not abandoned, things that lead to our union, welding links between us, feeling joy and beauty.

Even though some of these problems are heavy, we do not discourage. We take them before our Lord in prayers, and then we feel relieved and strong. The time of worship is also important, because talking to our Creator, gives us energy, strength and will, things we need in our every day journey through the desert.

After worship and prayer time, with our hearts wide open, we are ready to listen to the advice, promises and principles of life God gives us in the Scripture. Studying truths about world and life, suffering and reward, love and faith and other truths, in the light of Gods Word, gives us hope, joy, comfort and everything we need in this world filled with grief.

We reach the end of our meeting, knowing that we can face another tough week, full of courage and hope, and we give thanks to our Creator for this oasis in the world.

Sandu Dornea

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future.” Ecclesiastes 7:14