Dear friends of Caritatea,
As you may have heard, we have been confronted with the passing away of brother Iosif Malutan on June 1st 2019, exactly 29 years after he has founded Caritatea. We are deeply moved by the great number of expressions of compassion and by the attendance to the funeral of so many of you.
Thank you very much!

Less than one month before the passing away of brother Iosif Malutan, we had started making arrangements for his retirement. Looking back now, we see how God has orchestrated the events in order for the mission of Caritatea to be continued. And although we all miss him terribly, we believe that brother Malutan was called to ‘retire’ from his earthly engagements and is now resting with his heavenly Father.

The new Team
As mentioned before, we were in the process of appointing a new board and hadn’t been able to announce it earlier, due to recent events. We are pleased to announce that a new board has been appointed on May 24th 2019, consisting of:

The daily business of Caritatea will remain in the skilful hands of our dedicated staff in Cluj-Napoca, that remains unchanged for the time being:


The same vision
We want to assure you that all our board members and staff were already involved in the work of Caritatea and stand fully behind the mission of Caritatea: “The main goal of Caritatea is to help people in need, especially those with disabilities, offering material, social and spiritual help.”

Nowadays, the basic elements to materialise this vision, are:

  • Distribution and maintenance of wheelchairs and related equipment, including the yearly wheelchair distribution in cooperation with Joni and Friends USA.
  • Social and spiritual support by means of club Mefiboset and retreat camps for people with disabilities and their families.
  • Training and support for our partner network of local organisations in Romania, that help to improve the social and spiritual involvement of people with disabilities.
  • Fund raising to support the above activities.

Your support
In this strife to help people in need, we hope that we can continue to count on all our partners, sponsors and volunteers for the many activities of Caritatea. Moreover, we hope that you will continue to pray for the ministry of Caritatea.

In case you have any questions of suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,
Frank van den Ouden
(President of Caritatea)